I'm Alex, and I'm 25. My favorite color is green, and my birthday is on January 29. I blog about a bunch of different things, but mostly I geek out over classical antiquity, Ancient Greek, languages, linguistics, astronomy, music, cute animals, delicious-looking foods, and hot men.
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Hey guys, I have a question for y’all. A couple of my friends and I are considering making some Classics t-shirts, and we thought that we might sell them through Zazzle or something like that. Before we actually go through with that, we wanted to make sure that people would buy them, since it would sort of be a waste if not. So this is a bit of an interest check. Would any of you be potentially be interested? Of course, nothing’s set in stone yet, but I could probably come up with some design sketches of stuff we might sell if anyone is curious as to what we would have (the only thing I currently have anywhere near ready is that “I Love Thucy” design I posted way back when).

We’re still working things out to see if this is feasible, but please tell me if this sounds like something you might be interested in.

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that last post i reblogged reminds me of that time in college when i decided to watch some old episodes of “are you afraid of the dark?” and fell in love with this kid’s halloween costume


Did this happen the night we were writing papers on The Odyssey for Meredith’s class? I feel like it might have. Also the night I might’ve rolled myself into a burrito.